Tongue Twisting Tirade at GIIS, Chinchwad - Class VI - IX | 20th July,2013

Tongue Twisting Tirade at GIIS, Chinchwad

Date : July 20, 2013

Venue : School Premises

By their very nature, tongue twisters are challenging. With their repetitive use of similar sounding words and syllables, they can trip up the tongues of even the most articulate individuals. However, as fun as they are, tongue twisters have a very practical application. Tongue twisters are one of the means of learning a language effectively. Other than improving vocabulary, tongue twisters also help in improving fluency in the language. 

Considering its advantages, a `Tongue Twister Competition’ was held on 20th July 2013, for students across Class VI-IX. 

The students were given a set of tongue twisters. They were asked to select any one and learn it for the competition. Prior to the competition, they were informed about the set of parameters which included clarity, fluency and confidence to name a few, based on which the students would be judged. Each student was given a chance to say a tongue twister five times to help them score maximum for themselves and their house. 

This competition, conducted house wise, was an invigorating experience for the participants and judges alike.

Drawing and Poster Making Competition at GIIS Chinchwad | 20th July,2013

Art Attack !!!

Drawing and Poster Making Competition at GIIS Chinchwad

Date : 20th July,2013

Day : Saturday

Expressing through art is loved by children of all ages. A drawing and poster making competition was conducted for Classes I-III and IV-V respectively. The topics allotted to class Iwere ‘Birthday Cake’, ‘My House’, and ‘My School’, classes II & III were given the topics-‘An Aquarium’,‘My family’ and ‘A Flower pot’.The topics allotted to classes IV and V included ‘Stop Pollution’, ‘Save Electricity’ and ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

The creativity of the students was judged by Ms. Kakuli Pal (Pre Primary Coordinator) and Mr. Gourav Thorat (Art Teacher).

The innate talents of the students were reflected in their drawings and posters. It was observed that students waited eagerly for this day, to express their views and ideas pertaining to the given topics.100% participation was invited.. The winners were also appreciated for their talents.A special thanks also goes to the parents for being on-board and encouraging their wards to participate actively in every activity.

Special Assembly - Gurupurnima | 22 July, 2013

Report Special assembly  Gurupurnima

22 July’ 2013 was observed as Gurupurnima. It was all the more momentous in schools as this is the place where a Guru/ Shisya linkage is most visible. The quintessence and the significance of the day was illustrated through a special assembly based on Gurupurnima. The students seized this opportunity to pay deference and show their gratitude to the teachers. 

The students of class VA took great pride in convening the special assembly to as it provided them with an to thank all the teachers. The assembly commenced with a mellifluous rendition of the prayer song “ Satnam Sri Vahyguru”. The students sang with sentiments reverberating with their emotions of respect and gratitude towards the teachers. The song was ensued by a thought and a poem. The thought echoed the age old adage of paying respect to our gurus and that the guru was esteemed just next to God

Each presentation manifested the students deep admiration for the teachers. They conveyed their thoughts and feelings through an assortment of poems and speeches. 

The entire assembly resounded with the approbation and veneration for the gurus. The assembly concluded with the students presenting cards to the teacher, as a small token, of gratitude for the teachers, for being the guides, mentors, friends and educators in their lives.

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony

Event Date: July 22, 2013

Venue : School Premises

The investiture ceremony held in order to institute the GIIS Chinchwad Student Council 2013-14 was held in the school precinct. Hosted by students of Class IX, the ceremony started with a short, inspirational and melodious prayer in Punjabi - “Satyanaam Shri Waahe Guru”, presented by students of class V. This was followed by the students from classes VI, VII and VIII, who displayed yogic exercises and aerobics with perfect harmony and uniformity.

The office bearers from classes, VII, VIII & IX were honored by the Principal Dr. Amrita Vohra, Vice-Principal, Mrs. Sheela Menon and the Pre-Primary Coordinator, Mrs. Kakuli Pal by formally decorating the uniforms of the new appointees with the relevant insignia. Parents presented the badges to their respective wards, officially hoisting them onto the pedestal of responsibility. This was followed by the Oath Taking Ceremony, as a part of which, the office bearers took a solemn oath, read out by the Principal.

The Head Boy, Mihir Sawant then addressed all present and expressed that he would be humble, modest and focused on the aims and objectives of the student body. The Head Girl, Deepika Aiyer thanked the students for having given her the due opportunity. She highlighted the importance of team work and unity.

The Principal, stated that ‘Investiture Ceremony’ is an occasion where we respect and acknowledge the upcoming leaders and repose our trust in them. Speaking on the occasion, she congratulated the newly elected office-bearers and referred to them as “Global Citizens of life” and “the role models of the future”. She also stated that they will not only render their duties but they will get into the habit of problem solving, and inculcating the bit of creative thinking which is essential for becoming successful citizens of tomorrow. She asked them to discharge their duties honestly. She also gave an inspiring speech about the ways in which they were the representatives of the entire school as they were elected by the entire school in the true democratic way.

The ceremony concluded with the Principal and the Vice Principal, enthusing the ‘young leaders’ to uphold the values of the school and to keep ‘Global Indian International School’ flag flying high while discharging their duties honestly and impartially.

Pop-corn day - Pre-Primary | 19th July,2013

Pop-corn day

Class : Nur-KII

Event Date : July 19, 2013

19 July, 2013, was a special day for the Pre-Primary section, who celebrated Popcorn Day. The teacher showed the students the process of turning raw corn into delicious, edible and healthy food. In addition, the day also included a variety of activities using it.

In tandem with the themes of the month, ‘My Body’ and ‘Sensational Senses’, children observed the features and felt the texture of both the raw corn and the cooked one. They heard the popping of the corn as it was cooked in front of them, following which they experienced the smell and the taste of the popcorn.

As we know, popcorn is not only for eating, and students had a further opportunity to use the cooked popcorn to create a piece of art. Each student of the class pasted popcorn on an image drawn by the teacher, which included a sunflower, a snowman, a tree, a wreath, a mermaid, a sheep and Ronald Macdonald, giving further impetus to the experience of the touch of popcorn and helping them develop better fine motor skills.

It was without doubt a novel event for the children, using all of their senses and – most of all – enjoying the fine dining experience!