Special Assembly on World Population Day at GIIS | 11th July, 2013

Special Assembly at GIIS, Chinchwad on World Population Day

Event Date : July 11, 2013

World Population Day was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme to focus public attention on the issue of population growth. Schools, businesses, and organizations around the world are urged to observe July 11 with speeches, programmes, and activities that address population issues and encourage people to think of solutions to the health, social, and economic problems associated with population growth.In view of this, GIIS, Chinchwad too observed the World Population Day with students of Class VI- B conducting a special assembly.

The special assembly started with ‘thought of the day’ based on the topic of saving resources in line with the population growth. This was followed by one of the students giving a speech on the significance of the day. In an informative speech, the students were given information on why this date is chosen for observing the world population day which was followed by a poem recited on ‘Impact of Population’. The highlight of the special assembly was the Skit enacted by the students on the same theme. The skit gave a glimpse of the future – a scene in 2050 when resources will be so scarce as compared to the population growth that people may not even get the basic necessities like food and water. The skit focused on the importance of wise useof `all our available resources to avoid any scary situation in the future and to ensure our future generations have at least the basic necessities. The skit was well appreciated by all present as it gave a perspective and a view of what the result could be tomorrow if the available resources are not used wisely today. 

The assembly concluded by everyone taking an oath to do their bit for the future generations by using the available resources astutely and a message written on the placards saying ‘Together we can and we will make a difference.’