Tongue Twisting Tirade at GIIS, Chinchwad - Class VI - IX | 20th July,2013

Tongue Twisting Tirade at GIIS, Chinchwad

Date : July 20, 2013

Venue : School Premises

By their very nature, tongue twisters are challenging. With their repetitive use of similar sounding words and syllables, they can trip up the tongues of even the most articulate individuals. However, as fun as they are, tongue twisters have a very practical application. Tongue twisters are one of the means of learning a language effectively. Other than improving vocabulary, tongue twisters also help in improving fluency in the language. 

Considering its advantages, a `Tongue Twister Competition’ was held on 20th July 2013, for students across Class VI-IX. 

The students were given a set of tongue twisters. They were asked to select any one and learn it for the competition. Prior to the competition, they were informed about the set of parameters which included clarity, fluency and confidence to name a few, based on which the students would be judged. Each student was given a chance to say a tongue twister five times to help them score maximum for themselves and their house. 

This competition, conducted house wise, was an invigorating experience for the participants and judges alike.