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Debate on the topic “Euthanasia” - Class IX | 12th July, 2013

Euthanasia- GIISians debate to drive home the point….

Class : IX
Event Date : July 12, 2013

On 12th July, 2013 a debate was conducted in class IX on the topic “Euthanasia”. The students were divided in two teams and spoke for and against the notion. They were very well prepared for the debate. Euthanasia is basically a deliberate intervention undertaken with the intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering. 

The students presented the history and evolution of this idea. In 1870 Samuel Williams proposed to use Chloroform to hasten the process of death in cases where the patient had no chances of recovering. This idea stirred a debate that is still the most active area of research in contemporary bioethics. The main points presented by the pro – euthanasia team were that no one should go through unbearable suffering in the last phase of their life. Every person should have the right to decide the course of their lives. 

This view is supported by countries like Netherlands and Belgium and states like Oregon in the U.S.A. The counter argument presented was that there is always a chance of recovery. Also it leads to a lot of other legal complications. Hence a majority of countries including India refuse to make it legal. All these points were discussed in class and the students understood the proper meaning and implications of Euthanasia. 

The students were extremely enthusiastic and showed amazing team work.