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Parent Orientation Day at GIIS Chinchwad | 1 June, 8 June, 15 June, 22 June 2013

Dates :

June 1, 2013 Class-Nursery and Class I

June 8, 2013- Kindergarten I&II

June 15, 2013- Classes II-IV

June 22, 2013-Classes V-VIII

To welcome the existing and new parent members of the GIIS family,to a fresh Academic Session, specialised, class specific orientation sessions were conducted on the school premises.After a divine prayer by the School Teacher Choir, the parents, invited to attend the informative sessions were warmly acknowledged by the Principal, Dr. Amrita Vohra. They were formally informed about news of the School’s affiliation to CBSE, effective April, 2013.

The Pre Primary Orientation sessions began with a briefing by the coordinator, Ms. Kakuli Pal, taking the parents through a presentation spanning curricular and co- curricular aspects. The details about the Global Montessori Program, and its weave into the syllabus were shared. This was followed by a session by the Vice Principal, Ms. Sheela Menon which shed light on the code of conduct and general protocol to be maintained, by parents and students, in their daily transactions. The respective class teachers and subject teachers were then introduced to the parents. The School Counsellor, Ms. Nandini Chakravarty then supplemented the Orientation session through a presentation that dealt with ‘Healthy Parenting’, illumining the best possible ways to go about the same.

The Primary and Secondary Section Orientation Program well attended by parents, involved familiarisation about the assessment patterns at various levels. This was followed by a presentation that took the parents through the various ECA/CCA activities offered by the School, and their integration into the regular school time table, alongside regular academics. The presentations were carried out by Ms. Babita Nair, the Examination Coordinator and Ms. Reshma, the Activity Coordinator respectively. The Orientation Programs climaxed with a session by Mr. Avinash Bartakke, from Neural Space, an organisation dedicated to improving the cognitive skills. This was an interactive session which invited parental response, essential to drive home the related subject.

The vote of thanks, proposed by the host, brought the Orientation Programme to an apt end after which, interested parents clarified existing doubts.