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Pop-corn day - Pre-Primary | 19th July,2013

Pop-corn day

Class : Nur-KII

Event Date : July 19, 2013

19 July, 2013, was a special day for the Pre-Primary section, who celebrated Popcorn Day. The teacher showed the students the process of turning raw corn into delicious, edible and healthy food. In addition, the day also included a variety of activities using it.

In tandem with the themes of the month, ‘My Body’ and ‘Sensational Senses’, children observed the features and felt the texture of both the raw corn and the cooked one. They heard the popping of the corn as it was cooked in front of them, following which they experienced the smell and the taste of the popcorn.

As we know, popcorn is not only for eating, and students had a further opportunity to use the cooked popcorn to create a piece of art. Each student of the class pasted popcorn on an image drawn by the teacher, which included a sunflower, a snowman, a tree, a wreath, a mermaid, a sheep and Ronald Macdonald, giving further impetus to the experience of the touch of popcorn and helping them develop better fine motor skills.

It was without doubt a novel event for the children, using all of their senses and – most of all – enjoying the fine dining experience!