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Special Assembly - Gurupurnima | 22 July, 2013

Report Special assembly  Gurupurnima

22 July’ 2013 was observed as Gurupurnima. It was all the more momentous in schools as this is the place where a Guru/ Shisya linkage is most visible. The quintessence and the significance of the day was illustrated through a special assembly based on Gurupurnima. The students seized this opportunity to pay deference and show their gratitude to the teachers. 

The students of class VA took great pride in convening the special assembly to as it provided them with an to thank all the teachers. The assembly commenced with a mellifluous rendition of the prayer song “ Satnam Sri Vahyguru”. The students sang with sentiments reverberating with their emotions of respect and gratitude towards the teachers. The song was ensued by a thought and a poem. The thought echoed the age old adage of paying respect to our gurus and that the guru was esteemed just next to God

Each presentation manifested the students deep admiration for the teachers. They conveyed their thoughts and feelings through an assortment of poems and speeches. 

The entire assembly resounded with the approbation and veneration for the gurus. The assembly concluded with the students presenting cards to the teacher, as a small token, of gratitude for the teachers, for being the guides, mentors, friends and educators in their lives.