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Waste free activity week | 5th June ,2013

GIIS Students Experience Re-Cycling!!

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June  and was instituted to inspire people around the globe to become active about the environment and learn more about ways to ensure the future safety of our planet. In line with this, the theme for the month of June at GIIS Chinchwad was ‘Environment.’ Various events, special assemblies, class activities, group and house activities based on Environment, helped students to not only gain knowledge but also act as responsible citizens.

“Best out of waste” a long standing catchword is certainly the need of the hour. Keeping in mind the tones of junk and scrap generated by all of us, it would be indeed a blessing if some of the unwanted stuff could be turned into serviceable things.  With this thought in mind the students of GIIS Chinchwad celebrated the waste-free week starting on the 17th of June, 2013.
The students from class I designed bookmarks from old cardboard strips and newspaper, while students from classes II and III made beautiful pencil stands with old but colourful magazines. Students from class IV and V attempted to make a multipurpose basket out of old newspapers! Their enthusiasm knew no bounds as they carefully weaved their baskets, which were decorated by using a myriad of colours. The activity ended by having a decently strong basket which could hold an assortment of belongings.

Students across classes VI to VIII were assigned the task of making creative, useful and decorative articles using e-waste. The students put on their thinking caps and came up with splendid ideas. They created articles that were all unique in their own ways. Students made use of  old music cassettes, floppy disks and keys from old keyboards and even used CD’s to make beautiful and useful items of daily use.

Celebrating the waste free activity week, not only triggered the creative side of the pupils, but also helped in creating awareness and sensitizing them to issues like saving the Environment. It helped the children to realize that a small initiative towards recycling and reusing can have a huge overall global impact which will go a long way into saving the forthcoming generations from the possible hazard of a socio-economic breakdown caused due to tones of untreated garbage.