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Workshop for students by Volkswagen : 18th June, 2013

Event Date : 18th June, 2013 

Venue : School Premises

Volkswagen , the important and the leading manufacturers of cars both nationally and internationally conducted  a workshop on 18th June 2013 for students in the school premises. The company is situated at Chakan in Pune. Personnel’s from the company arrived in the school at 12.30 pm along with a number of their latest, expensive high end models. The students could not contain their exhilaration at the sight of so many wonderful cars on display and listened with rapt attention to all the information regarding the company and the cars.  After the primary introductions the Personnel’s from the company showed a PPT to acquaint the students with the history of Volkswagen. They parleyed about the first cars produced by the company and their subsequent growth over the years . A video showcasing the history of car making had the complete attentions of the students. The students watched the video with unfailing attention absorbing each and information.

Another PPT was shown to explain the technology used in manufacturing cars in the company. The PPT evoked a lot of interest especially in the students who love technology. The workshop further progressed with a time line about history of cars in India. The time line reveled aboutthe first car in India and the name of its owner, the first women driver in India. The information in the time line was a revelation for most of us regarding the history of cars in India. The windfall was that the students were presented with caps bearing the logo of the company.  The excitement and the pleasureof observing the cars at such close quarters was palpable and contagious. Soon all the students were talking about the different models produced by the company.

The workshop was attention-grabbing and fruitful as it was a subject that is close generation Y.