Special Assembly on World Population Day at GIIS | 11th July, 2013

Special Assembly at GIIS, Chinchwad on World Population Day

Event Date : July 11, 2013

World Population Day was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme to focus public attention on the issue of population growth. Schools, businesses, and organizations around the world are urged to observe July 11 with speeches, programmes, and activities that address population issues and encourage people to think of solutions to the health, social, and economic problems associated with population growth.In view of this, GIIS, Chinchwad too observed the World Population Day with students of Class VI- B conducting a special assembly.

The special assembly started with ‘thought of the day’ based on the topic of saving resources in line with the population growth. This was followed by one of the students giving a speech on the significance of the day. In an informative speech, the students were given information on why this date is chosen for observing the world population day which was followed by a poem recited on ‘Impact of Population’. The highlight of the special assembly was the Skit enacted by the students on the same theme. The skit gave a glimpse of the future – a scene in 2050 when resources will be so scarce as compared to the population growth that people may not even get the basic necessities like food and water. The skit focused on the importance of wise useof `all our available resources to avoid any scary situation in the future and to ensure our future generations have at least the basic necessities. The skit was well appreciated by all present as it gave a perspective and a view of what the result could be tomorrow if the available resources are not used wisely today. 

The assembly concluded by everyone taking an oath to do their bit for the future generations by using the available resources astutely and a message written on the placards saying ‘Together we can and we will make a difference.’

Mock Elections at GIIS Chinchwad | July 3, 2013 and July 6, 2013

Mock Elections at GIIS Chinchwad

Date : July 3, 2013 and July 6, 2013

Venue : Sports Room
School Campus

A Mock election was conducted in the school as a part of a procedure to institute the GIIS Chinchwad Student Council 2013-14. The Sports Room was converted into a polling station, complete with polling booths and relevant paraphernalia. The Mock Elections were conducted through way of a secret ballot.

The election was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, students across classes VI to IX elected the Head Boy, Head Girl, Discipline Captain, Sports Captain and the Sports Vice Captain. They were assisted by the GIIS team of teachers. The second phase of the election saw involvement by classes IV-IX. This election was conducted to select the House Captains, Vice-Captains and Prefects.

All student nominees campaigned enthusiastically for themselves. The candidates from the four Houses- Jal, Vayu, Prithvi and Agni appealed to the members of their respective House to vote for them. The campaigning went on for two days. Each student voted for their favourite representatives. Post election, the counting of votes was carried out by the assigned group of teachers. The results of the election were declared in the Common Assembly on the next day. The elected candidates received their first taste of euphoria when their names were announced amongst the student body, who eagerly anticipated the election outcome.

The Student Council members were deservedly congratulated by the Principal and Vice Principal. They also addressed the freshly appointed office bearers and informed them of their crucial role in taking the School further. It was also announced that the formal Investiture Ceremony slated to take place on July 22, 2013, would incorporate the official handover of the relevant insignia to all office bearers, to be worn by them with pride, associated with a position, well deserved.

The entire activity was exceedingly informative and educative. The students learnt the process associated with the democratic way of electing their representatives. The GIIS team made sure that the entire process was conducted in a fair and disciplined manner. Overall, a great experience for the GIISians!!

Story Telling Competition - Class I - III | 6th July,2013

Story Telling Competition  

Class I - III | 6th July,2013

Welcome Assembly - Pre-Primary | 4th July,2013


Class : Nur - KII

Event Date : July 4, 2013

Smile goes a long way to make people feel welcome. On 4th July , 2013, Kindergarten children received a warm welcome with a big smile by their teachers through ‘Welcome Assembly’. Welcome assembly programs are unique, exciting, and engaging event for our students. Teachers sung a Good morning song, danced to a number & action song and had a bubbly rhyme session which children thoroughly enjoyed. Pre-Primary coordinator spoke few valuable words to the children about their contribution in special assemblies which make children more excited.

Balloon Dabbing Activity - Pre-Primary | 2nd July, 2013

Balloon Dabbing Activity

Class : Nur – KII

Event Date : July 2, 2013

On 2nd July, 2013, Kindergarten section had their group activity of balloon dabbing. Children were introduced to this activity by showing them balloons and how the blown balloon can be dipped in colors and get its impression on the paper. Teachers drew pictures of earth, tiger, whale, umbrella, butterfly, grapes, fish, flowers, mushroom etc. on the chart paper and children did the balloon dabbing on it. This activity gives the children the practice of holding soft and smooth things properly.It also enhances gross motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination which eventually develops their handwriting skills.

Field Trip - Pre-Primary

Field Trip 

Palm Printing Activity - Pre-Primary | 25th June,2013

Palm Printing Activity

Class : Nursery - KII

Event Date : June 25, 2013On Wednesday, June 25, 2013 GIIS Kindergarten section had Palm Printing activity which was the first individual activity for the children. They were excited to paint their palms with colours. Different formations were made from the cutouts of these palm prints. Formations like flower, spider in the web, mermaid, tree, peacock, lion’s face, butterflies and birds were made. Children were happy to see their palm print on the chart.
To see all single palm print’s together in one formation also gave a feeling of oneness and unity. It was a fun activity both for the teachers and the children as they connected very close while engaging in doing the activity together.