Celebrating Dr. Nelson Mandela’s Birthday | 18th July ,2013

Celebrating Dr. Nelson Mandela’s Birthday…………..

Event Date : July 18, 2013 ( Thursday )

Venue : School Premises

Students of Class IX participated in a Special Assembly to celebrate 

Dr. Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday. It started with an enlightening thought related to his teachings and ethical values. Thereafter, students were sensitized about the significance of his life and his achievements.

Proceeding with the assembly, the choir group of the school presented a melodious song to celebrate his birthday. Students also presented a short role play which reflected an incident during which Dr. Mandela interacted with the great Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi. Students, who participated in an activity to depict artwork based on Dr. Mandela, exhibited their creativity during this Assembly. 

As a part of a previous activity, a short biographical film depicting the great leader and this struggle against apartheid was shown to the students.

The Assembly concluded with an address by the Vice Principal, Ms. Sheela Menon who inspired students to learn from Dr Mandela’s life and try to emulate his simplicity and values and remember the tireless work contributed by such great leaders to make the world a better place to live in.

Paper Maché - Pre-Primary | 15th to 17th July, 2013

Paper Maché - Pre-Primary | 15th to 17th July, 2013

Foot Printing Group Activity - Pre-Primary | 15th July,2013

Foot Printing - Group Activity

Class : Nursery

Event Date : July 15, 2013

The teachers conducted foot printing activity for Nursery students on 15th July, 2013. They applied water colours on the sole of the foot of the tiny tots. Children were excited about this new experience.

The foot impression was taken on a piece of paper which was later cut out. These foot print were used to make a giraffe, beautiful frock, boys and girls. Children loved this activity as it was a memorable one for them.

Life Skills Session - " School Cinema " at GIIS Chinchwad

Life Skills Session – ‘School Cinema’ at GIIS Chinchwad.

The structure of education and delivering knowledge has seen a sea of change in the recent years; for example moving to the CCA model of assessment, learning based on life skills etc. There have been many changes with the changing times.

Keeping in tune with this changing time and as per the instructions of the CBSE, GIIS Chinchwad too has education imparted using life skills. World Health Organization defines Life Skills as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”.

As a part of the Life skills model of education, GIIS took another leap by introducing the ‘School Cinema’ Sessions for Class VIII on 12th July, 2013.This will be followed by similar Cinema Sessions for all other classes too.

For Class VII, the movie chosen was, ‘Checkmate’. This session of showing cinema to the students was conducted in their Life Skills period on 12th July 2013. The movie showed the value of friendship and how competition should not let your friendship ruin it. Students were totally engrossed for those 20 minutes. The session ended with a short discussion on the student’s views and thoughts on the related topic .This would be followed by the workbook activity in the next week.

Similar sessions have been planned for other classes too where students will get an opportunity to learn while whey have fun. This method surely helps to have a much greater impact on the child’s thoughts and definitely helps him learn better.

Debate on the topic “Euthanasia” - Class IX | 12th July, 2013

Euthanasia- GIISians debate to drive home the point….

Class : IX
Event Date : July 12, 2013

On 12th July, 2013 a debate was conducted in class IX on the topic “Euthanasia”. The students were divided in two teams and spoke for and against the notion. They were very well prepared for the debate. Euthanasia is basically a deliberate intervention undertaken with the intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering. 

The students presented the history and evolution of this idea. In 1870 Samuel Williams proposed to use Chloroform to hasten the process of death in cases where the patient had no chances of recovering. This idea stirred a debate that is still the most active area of research in contemporary bioethics. The main points presented by the pro – euthanasia team were that no one should go through unbearable suffering in the last phase of their life. Every person should have the right to decide the course of their lives. 

This view is supported by countries like Netherlands and Belgium and states like Oregon in the U.S.A. The counter argument presented was that there is always a chance of recovery. Also it leads to a lot of other legal complications. Hence a majority of countries including India refuse to make it legal. All these points were discussed in class and the students understood the proper meaning and implications of Euthanasia. 

The students were extremely enthusiastic and showed amazing team work.

Workshop on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law - Class VII - IX | 12th July,2013

Workshop on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law

Class : VII-IX

Event date : July 12, 2013

A workshop on Cyber crimes and Cyber law was held for classes 7-9 on 12th July 2013.It was organized by NIE and was conducted by Mr.Ashley Eates and his colleagues from the Asian School of Cyber Law. Mr.Ashley Eates is an alumnus of The Bishop's School, Pune and the Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce. He has taught at The Bishop's School, Pune for 10 years, after completing a Diploma in Education through The Mt.Hermon College of Education, Darjeeling.

The session started with students sharing their views on the term “cyber space”. Cyber space in simple terms means anything associated with Internet and the diverse internet culture. Cyber space has encompassed all walks of life all over the world and has actually brought transition from paper to paperless world. Instances where a computer is used to commit a crime and is no longer limited to a particular space, time or group of people, comes under the purview of cyber law. Due to the anonymous nature of Internet, it is possible to engage into a variety of criminal activities with impunity and people have been grossly misusing this aspect of the internet to perpetuate criminal activities in cyber space. Hence stringent laws to regulate such crimes need to exist.

Later the terms viruses, trojans, worms etc were also discussed. The session helped to create awareness among students as to what should be or should not be shared in public. They also understood that sending threatening or taunting messages via email, text, or breaking into an email account or stealing online identity to hurt and humiliate somebody will tantamount to cyber bullying. The session also addressed the tips to prevent hacking such as: using hard-to-guess passwords, not opening mails or attachments from strangers, not sharing personal details on internet, if on a Wi-Fi network password protect the same , reevaluating security regularly etc.

Students understood that cyber law is important because it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and concerning the Internet, the World Wide Web and Cyberspace. Whether we realize it or not, every action and every reaction in Cyberspace has some legal and Cyber legal perspectives. They enjoyed the session as it was interactive and informative at the same time.

Sponge Dabbing Activity - Nursery to KII | 11th July, 2013

Sponge Dabbing Activity - Nursery to KII 

11th July, 2013

Sponge-painting allows a child to touch, smell and experiment with paints. Children develop hand-eye coordination, concentration and dedication while experimenting with art. 

Using sponges to create works of art helps the child to develop his/her motor skills by holding and controlling the sponge in their hands to create shapes and impressions on paper. We at Kindergarten had an individual activity on sponge dabbing on 11th June ’12. Children are made to get the feeling of the paint oozing in the fingers and also know they are controlling the shape and amount of paint with the sponge.